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      Testimony by Carey Feng






Hi, my name is Carey Feng. I've been going to RCCC since I was 7 years old, but three years ago, I had to move to Cherry Hill , New Jersey , where I now attend the Cherry Hill Chinese Christian Church; but I decided to come back here to be baptized. 


Anyway, I want to tell you all a little about myself: I'm thirteen and a 7th grader in Beck Middle School . I've been a Christian for six years, and I love writing and telling stories. Because I love doing that so much, I want to tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was a little girl, whom everyone thought was a perfect little angel. During the day, she would be friendly with everyone, and everybody, including adults, loved her. But then, at night, when she was alone with her family, she would transform into a hot-tempered, impatient, stubborn little devil (or demon. I guess). And then she got older and¡Kwell, still nothing changed, and not only that, her temper and patience were worse than before. Until one day, after much convincing from her parents, she was convinced to go to RCCC. Although she was grumpy about missing her favorite TV show, she still acted like a little angel. Then gradually, she was introduced to Christ and accepted Him in her heart. She suddenly felt guilt and sadness, but also happiness and joy at the same time. She apologized for all her wrongdoings and to the Lord for being a sinner and then gave thanks to Him that she is now His Child. And from then on, she lived happily ever after.


You've probably all figured out by now that this little girl is¡Kme. Well, me up to third grade at least. The story didn't end there; I soon became good friends with Christ and talked to Him all the time. You could probably say that it was all my angelic side working on that. I was still the same way I was before, but then, after I learned that I should be true to God, I didn't want to be a stubborn little girl to Him so I changed and started to be patient to everyone around me, including my parents. It was really hard at first, but I soon learned about my parents' understanding and support for me. 


Well, that's the end of my story for today, but my life didn't end there; it went on.


Fast forward to 2008, I still have the same problem, but instead of it happening on a daily basis, I try to control myself and not lose my temper easily. I pray to God that He would give me patience; though once in a while some frustration and anger may leak out my mouth ¡V like when I do my math homework, I get so frustrated every time I come across a long problem. Sometimes I just want to scream my head off but then I try to calm myself and take it easy, like turning up some music to ease my anger. 


Remember in the beginning of my testimony when I've mentioned that I love writing? Well, now I want to share with you a poem that I've written about accepting Christ; it's called, Candle. 



The Earth wraps in a thick blanket of fear,

Darkness lurks on every street,

Sin chains me to the ground, imperfectness locks me up.

The devil guards my jail, only letting pain and suffering.

I look for rest and comfort,

But all I am is lost.


Then a candle is lit on a stand and shown for all to see.

The light burned out the devil's eyes,

And warms my frozen arms.

The door opens and shuns darkness out,

I reached out my hand, wanting more of the light.

But another hand gasped mine,

I fill with warmth,

I breathe easy.

And the fire guides me thru life.


I look around and all I see

Are the people I love, sleeping in cages.

I open the lock and give them a blanket,

That will soon become a candle.

But they refuse to know even the smallest piece of thread.

And though the candle burns on, all they feel is cold.


And now I see how fortunate I have been,

Receiving this candle that have saved my life.


It's hard to start a fire in the middle of a storm,

It's hard to see when smoke engulf your face,

It's hard to be righteous when you live in a world tempting you to sin.

But I know I can do it,

I will search for shelter to shine my light,

A light to see my path,

And a spirit to guide me thru the world.

I am not afraid to live with this candle,

I am willing to take its gift of life.


I believe that no evil can touch me, because I am protected.

No devil may speak to me, because they fear my candle.

I will win every battle, and my candle will fight with me.

I can never lose since,

I have His arms of mercy,

Wrapped and holding on to me.

I have His spirit, living in me.


I have died a happy death,

I am alive as a soft, precious baby.

I live my life on the Fruits of the Spirit,


I live my life around the righteous.

I live my life believing in the light.

I live as a new person in a new world.

I am a new person in Christ¡K

My Candle.

My light.


I hope you've enjoyed hearing this poem as much as I had enjoyed writing it. And I'll see you later, thank you.







Testimony by  Lawrence Feng




Hello, my name is Lawrence Feng. I am Carey¡¦s brother. Three years ago, my family moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, so many of you in the youth group may not know me, but that¡¦s not important, what is important is what I am about to share with you. 

Six years ago a friend of our family brought us to church, you may know them, they are Ma family. (They were our neighbors) Anyway, they decided to share the Gospel with our family, which I am very grateful of that because two years after our first visit to RCCC, I tried to accept Christ as my personal savior. By that I mean is that I didn¡¦t really know what I was doing. All I did was follow my sister around, and she ended up in a room with a teacher praying that God bring her to Him. So I thought, ¡§Yeah, go with the flow.¡¨

But now that I look back, I actually accepted Christ three times. The third time I really meant it, I accepted the third time in the RCCC VBS of 2003. So now that I am a Christian, I understand things better, and I realize that baptism would help me get closer to God, and I want to be next to God in everything I do.

            Two Bible verses that help me keep my trust in God and help me chose my acts and words wisely are Mark 10:26-27:

¡§ The disciples were even more amazed, and said to each other, ¡¥who then can be saved? Jesus looked at them and said, ¡¥ with man this is impossible, but not with God: all things are possible with God.¡¨ This verse helps me to remind myself to keep on working harder, because I knew that what I am doing is nothing compared to what God had to do in order to save me.

Another verse is John 3:16:

¡§For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.¡¨

These verses really helped me in some situations to chose my actions wisely, because I would think, the God that I worship, gave me his only Son, and a way to repay him is to do what is righteous in His eyes. Also I now think that fighting my sinful ways is easier because I know everything is possible.

Also I realize that the reason that He put on Earth is to honor Him and to spread the word of His Son, and we all carry his image, so a way to honor Him is to do what¡¦s right. Another thing that I realize is that humans have a hard time determining what is right and what is wrong, so we must look to God for assistance, and now that we know what is right and what is wrong, we should put it to practice.

Today I¡¦m glad that I had accepted Christ because choosing my actions wisely was one of my worst weaknesses, but now that I am a Christian, I can overcome my weakness.

Thank you for listening.



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